Keenan Properties' tenant representation services are unRivaled. 

With over 27 years of experience, Keenan Properties is an expert in gathering and organizing pertinent information in a way that creates value for our clients. In order to achieve this value, Keenan Properties utilizes the expertise of professionals such as attorneys, commercial contractors, architects, and appraisers. 


Traditional Brokerage Services

Purchaser/Tenant Representation

Keenan Properties seeks to develop with its clients an overall real estate strategy to ensure a consistent approach to present and future real estate needs.  A client's priorities and objectives are identified by exploring issues like Purchase vs. Lease; Building Type and Image; Expansion Rights, and Termination Options.  Once a strategy is devised and relevant market conditions assessed, Keenan Properties constructs a process for identification, review, and selection of properties.


Property Listing

Keenan Properties works with its clients to develop marketing campaigns targeted at the parties most likely to buy or lease the subject properties under terms most favorable to their owners. Some sale transactions are better addressed through a process we call Disposition Strategy Consulting.   

Development Services

Development Representation

Whether the client plans to own or lease the new facility, Keenan Properties puts in place a systematic process for qualifying and choosing ground sites, architects, engineers and contractors.  Issues that need to be addressed include Site Development, Financial Incentives, Architect & Contractor vs. Design-Build, Future Expansion and Exit Strategy.


Construction Control

The Keenan Properties Construction Control process consists of a thorough review of the construction budget and all other construction documents for consistency and completeness; inspection of ongoing work at the job site, and systematic certification of payment requests and collection of lien waivers.


Disposition Strategy Consulting

Keenan Properties, Inc.'s Disposition Strategy Consulting services are designed to assist owners of real estate such as agricultural land, manufacturing complexes or other large tracts of ground or obsolete buildings which might be raised to a higher use.  The process provides clients disposing of property with a variety of alternatives and the tools for choosing from among them.